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Tactile Games

Tactile Games
Card Games
Martial Arts
T-Shirts / Art

Wings of War
Home Page
Rules Downloads
Message Board

CLOUT Fantasy
Clout Fantasy Rules & Errata
Clout Fantasy Chip List
Clout Fantasy FAQ
Clout Forums

Atlas Games' Pieces-of-Eight Home Page
Pieces of Eight FAQ

WizKids Pirates games
Pirates home page
Pirates resources, rules etc.
Pirates FAQ's
Pirates how-to-play

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures
Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Official Home Page
D&D Miniatures Tournaments
D&D Miniatures Errata
D&D Miniatures FAQ
Warband Generator v1.72
Random Warband Generator
Map and Terrain Tiles
D & D Miniatures interactive demo
Banned / Restricted Lists for DCI-Sanctioned Tournaments
DCI Ratings and Rankings

Star Wars Miniatures
Star Wars miniatures home page
Star Wars miniatures set gallery (pictures of the various sets)
Star Wars miniatures rules, errata, and FAQ's
DCI Ratings and Rankings

Star Wars Starship Battles
Star Wars Starship Battles Homepage
Star Wars Starship Battles Online Rulebook
Star Wars Starship Battles Gallery

Dreamblade Miniatures
Dreamblade homepage
Dreamblade floor rules
The Dreamscape
Dreamblade rules & FAQ
Dreamblade forum

Dragon Dice
Dragon Dice homepage
Dragon Dice races
Gamers section
Dice Checklist - This is a downloadable .xl file

Navia Dratp
Navia Dratp Home Page
Navia Dratp Rules and FAQ's
Navia Dratp Rankings


Card Games
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Eye Of Judgement
The Eye of Judgment Manager allows you to manage your Eye of Judgment
card collection and to trade with other users, both by automatically finding
possible trades based on your and their wanted list and for trade list and
by searching for specific cards. You can also build decks to share and
discuss them with others in the forums or keep track of the amount of wins and
losses of your decks. The forums are also a source for a lot of information about
the Eye of Judgment, including news about the game, playing tips, tournaments and
much more. You can also take part in the EOJM ranking to see how your
online EOJ score compares to other users of the site.

UFS - Universal Fighting System
UFS Homepage
Everything you need to know about the starter and boosters sets for UFS
UFS Online Resourse - great site for deck building tips and ideas
Cardboard Dojo - online magazine with some deep thoughts and theories on UFS deck construction

Kingdom Hearts CCG
Home Page
Organized Play

Naruto CCG
Home Page
Organized Play

VS. System
DC VS Home Page
VS sytems rules
DeckTech Stay current with new decks submitted by players around the globe

Magic: The Gathering
Magic: The Gathering home page
Magic: The Gathering Tournament Center
Banned / Restricted Lists for DCI-Sanctioned Tournaments
Magic Rules for Tournament Players
Magic Set FAQs
Saturday School Searchable Rules Database
Magic Player Rewards
Magic Player Rewards Frequently Asked Questions
Oracle Card Reference

Gatherer - The Official Magic: The Gathering card database

What is Gatherer?

Gatherer is Wizards of the Coast's searchable database of Magic: The Gathering cards.
You can use it to:
  • Look up the current wording of a card
  • Search for cards illustrated by your favorite artist
  • Determine format legality of any card
  • Track the various printings of a card through Magic's history
  • Search all Magic flavor text
  • Get an export of the Oracle for a given format
Gatherer Frequently Asked Questions
DCI Ratings and Rankings

Neopets Trading Card Game
Neopets Trading card game home page
Neopets learn to play
Neopets rules and FAQ's
Neopets TCG news
Neopets TCG messageboard

Wizards of the Coast
Site map for Wizards of the Coast games

The Spoils
The Spoils Homepage
Matt Romine's site: The Spoils of Blackthorn

Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game
Yu-Gi-Oh homepage
Learn to play
Gameplay FAQ
Forbidden & limited

The Pirates of the Caribbean Card Game

World of Warcraft Card Game
Upper Deck WoW TCG Homepage

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The Leprechaun Watch - (View)

The webcam is in a hidden location in a field in Ireland. The area concerned straddles
the border of the 'fairy ring' and the Coogan's ancestral farm.

The links between the oak and the fairy ring have been established - there is also a link
between the ring, the oak and the fairy tree still on Coogan's farm land.

The fairy tree is the last link the Fair Folk have to the larger range they once enjoyed
when they ruled the land - their anger at this loss is understandable. The area being
monitored is in front of the oak because of leprechaun activity there in recent weeks and months.

Remember, there is a five hour difference between here (central time) and the webcam.
So, if it's 9:00 PM (central), it's 2:00 AM (Ireland). The camera may be sending a
black image. (It is night time, afterall).

Martial Arts
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Dickson Taekwondo - Choong Sil Taekwondo - Owner / Instructer: Mr. Tony Lewis, 5th Degree Black Belt

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US Border Cantina - Fine Mexican food
Jones Soda Company - Run with the little guy... create some change

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Gorin Moore
Twisted T-Shirts of Terror

Comic (Illustrated storytelling) Stuff
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Fresh Ink Online:
Blair Butler, G4TV's comic mistress. Vids, and reviews

Read our friend, Prof. Brian Curtis' comic reviews at
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