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Kanon Hinson wins Magic:The Gathering States for Tennessee
November 8, 2008

Congratulations to Kanon Hinson, who won the title of Tennessee State Champion for Magic:The Gathering. Kanon placed first at the event in Nashville, plowing through a field of 154 players.

Great job!

Kanon Hinson

D & D Miniatures Demonweb Prerelease

November 1, 2008

Dark clouds and sad times have arrived in the world of miniature games. Wizards of the Coast has announced that they will no longer be supporting the D & D miniatures game as we know it. This has effectively stranded all the D & D miniatures gamers that have supported the game. All those years of collecting and playing are being thrown out the window. Obviously, this has left a bad taste in many a players' mouth, and many will be walking away from the world of games. Too many games have been produced over the past ten years that have required a substantial investment in time and money on the part of the player. To have another game, that seemed to a have a strong following, fade away, just adds a mass of people exiting the world of board, miniature, and cards games.

We at Blackthorn have become friends with many of the guys that have been coming to the miniature tournaments over the years. We are sorry that your game is going away and will miss you coming to the game center to play.

We enjoyed having you here and have many great memories. Hopefully, some type of support or tournaments will still be around for D&DM.

Thanks again, and everyone take care of yourselves.

The winners: Michael Hooper (left) second place, Kris Blais (center) third place, Donovan Grimwood (right) first place.

Shards Of Alara Launch

October 4, 2008

Jonathan Bozarth (left) placed 1st, and Gage Smith (right) won second.

The final eight for the event were (in order of placement);
  • Jonathan Bozarth
  • Gage Smith
  • Walter Duncan
  • Aaron Arrarte
  • Steven Biese (LMUG)
  • Kanon Hinson
  • Luke Blanks
  • Aaron Dunlap

YuGiOh Tournament -
(random photo taken with the Ben Dugan-Cam)
Unspecified date, 2008

These two YuGiOh players were unprepared for this totally spontaneous photo, taken with the awesomely high-tech 'Ben Dugan-Cam'. Tyler Mosley (left), and the creator of the 'Dugan-Cam', Mr. Ben Dugan.

Magic the Gathering Eventide Launch

July 26, 2008

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Eventide launch. Congratulations to Gage Smith, and Diana Hinson for winning first and second, respectively.

The top four winners:
  1. Gage Smith
  2. Diana Hinson
  3. Kanon Hinson
  4. Ralph Largent
Diana Hinson (left) and Gage Smith (right)

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures: Against The Giants Prerelease
July 6, 2008

Blackthorn hosted a release event for the new D&DM set, Against The Giants. This is by far one of the nicest sets in recent times. The sculpts are well rendered and crisp. The paint jobs have moved up many notches and appear as though Wizards might be using a new painting supplier.

Congratulations to the winners:
  1. Chris Hooper
  2. Kris Blais
  3. Daniel Coons
  4. Donovan Grimwood
Daniel Coons, Chris "Thugee" Hooper, Kris Blais, and Donovan Grimwood.


July, 2008

What happens when you have a nice miniatures terrain set up? Your cat decides it makes a great place to lay down and smashes it on a regular basis.

Our resident cat, Ralph, finds this HeroScape set-up the perfect spot to relax. "Catzilla" knocks everything down daily, forcing us to set everything back up each weekend.


June, 2008

In our continuing series of awesomely cool guitars, we ran across this Incredible Hulk model. This custom designed Epiphone Les Paul model was designed as a contest prize.

This would be definitly cool for any guitar players or comics fan. Of course, the Silver Surfer model (bottom of this page) had a more attractive spokesmodel. But...this guitar does feature the green-skinned Goliath.
Hulk WILL smash first HULK movie. Hulk hate first should not
been made...HULK MAD...not represent true HULK. True Hulk is ladies man
and more finer than other HULK in movie.

Will Blanks awarded Wings of War "Ace"

May 31, 2008

Will Blanks' piloting and gunnery skills have won him the title of "Ace". Will successfully achived the number of kills he needed to be awarded his medal.

Good shooting!
Will Blanks with his "Ace" award.

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Constructed Championship Qualifier

May 18, 2008

Blackthorn Game Center hosted our first D&DM Qualifier this past Sunday. The turnout for the event was not as large as we had hoped (gas prices?), but the event turned out to be a lot of fun with the players that could make it.
The tournament consisted of five rounds of swiss, with cuts to the top four, for single elimination finals.
First place was awarded a travel award and entry tickets to Gen Con. Second place received entry tickets to Gen Con. The top eight players received booster packs from the new expansion Dungeons of Dread.

The final standings:
  1. Shayne Lindeman
  2. Jerry Cook
  3. Kris Blais
  4. Anthony Pitman
The D & DM Constructed Championship Qualifier winners: (left to right) Anthony Pitman, Kris Blais, Jerry Cook, and Shayne Lindeman.
Random pictures of the action during the event.

Magic: The Gathering, Shadowmoor Release

May 3, 2008

Thanks to everyone that participated in the launch of the new Magic expansion, Shadowmoor.
The top four at the end of the event were:
  1. Mike Beringo
  2. Robin Zacharyasz
  3. Gabe Shiver
  4. Kanon Hinson
The Shadowmoor release winners: (left to right) Robin Zacharyasz, Mike Beringo, and Kanon Hinson

Pokemon DS Tournament #4

April 19, 2008

Results for the DS tournaments will now be posted on the eGames page.

Kingdom Hearts: Curse of the Heartless Event

April 05, 2008

This event was the second Fantasy Flight Games sponsored tournament for the Kingdom Hearts TCG, featuring exciting alternate play rules and a exclusive "Tigger" promo card for player participation. The players faced off against one another with new cards from Kingdom Hearts: A Darkness Awakened with an alternate rules set. The event accentuated the danger faced when traveling to certain worlds and the lack of danger when traveling to others.

During the game there were two different states that were in effect at any one particular time, Light and Dark. Each created a different set of standing effects as the game was played. During the time when the play-field was Light, Player Cards Attack and Magic values were increased by +1, Friend and Magic/Friend cards support values were increased by +1, and Dark/Heartless cards Power were reduced by 2 and lost all immunities. When the play-field was Dark, Dark/Heartless cards Powers were raised by 2, and Dark/Heartless cards Levels were reduced by 1. If a Player lost a challenge during the Challenge Phase they lost 2 HP instead of 1. At the start of the game, the play-field was considered Light.

The top 2 winners of the event:
1: Matthew Romine
2: Nathan Bryson

The KH Krew (standing left - right): Alex Kopischke, Daniel Coons, Marc Romine, Alex Culpepper, Nathan Bryson, Matt Romine, Jeremy Roberts. (Kneeling left-right) Jordan Lowe, Roger, and Elena.

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures: Dungeons of Dread Prerelease

March 30, 2008

Congratulations, and thank you, to the winners and participants of the D&DM:DDP event. The event was originally scheduled to be held on the 29th. Due to some weird magnetic field, the Earth briefly shifted on its axis and threw the poles into a disrupted state. This action caused time to shift just enough for the tournament to suddenly be held on the 30th. Even though it should have been on the 29th!
Many thanks to the guys for being willing to adjust to this phenomenon and readjust their lives for the new date.

The top 4 winners of the event:
1: Kris Blais
2: TJ Fowler
3: Eric Gilley
4: Jeremie Franklin

The DDMDDP winners: (left to right) Jeremie Franklin, TJ Fowler, Kris Blais, and Eric Gilley

Jordan Lowe awarded Wings of War "Ace"

March 29, 2008

Jordan Lowe, having braved the elements of the air, through storms, and a constant barrage of enemy gunfire, has successfully downed five enemy planes.
His piloting skills have won him the honor of become an ACE.

No, that's not one of those groovy medallions from the '60's. Jordan is wearing his ACE award for his five succesful airplane kills.

Pokemon DS Tournament 3

March 30, 2008

Congratulations to Cassie Meadows for winning our third Pokemon DS tournament. Once again Cassie swept the event. This is the third win for her out of three events held.
The next tournament will move the Pokemon up to level 50. The other competitors have said they have a better chance of winning with the higher level and have sworn revenge.
(But do they really stand a chance of winning?)

Cassie Meadows (left) is awarded her trophy by Elena.

Custom designed trophy for the third tournament.

Jeremy Roberts awarded Wings of War "Ace"

March, 2008

Today, Jeremy Roberts joined the honored pilots of Blackthorn and has been awarded his ranking of ACE.
Jeremy said "It's been a dangerous journey. You're always having to watch your can't trust those Fokkers. And if J-Lowe ever gets his ACE...I'll blast that (DELETED) from the sky!"

The "Blue Terror" Jeremy Roberts (left), and Mark "Roger" Amoroso.

Wings of War Eagle Aces Medal Awards

February 23, 2008

Flying the war torn skies of the 'Thorn, our pilots have fought many valiant battles. Many have fought...few have excelled. Today we awarded a couple of our heroic pilots for their bravery in the air.

Our first recipients of the Wings of War Eagle Aces Medals. Alex Kopischke (L) received the medal for 5 kills (soon to receive his medal for 20), and Marc Romine (R) is awarded his medal for 5 kills, as well as his award for 20. View our Wings of War page.
Detail of the fronts, and backs, of the Medals.

Pokemon DS Tournament 2

February 23, 2008

Congratulations to Cassie Meadows for winning our second Pokemon DS tournament. Players were able to use up to level 25 Pokemon for this event. We had some new people participate this time around, still, Cassie was able to sweep the event with no losses.

Great playing!

Tournament Judge, Matt Romine, awards Cassie Meadows her trophy.

Players during the Pokemon DS 2 tournament.

Custom designed trophy for the tournament.

Pokemon DS Tournament

January 19, 2008

Congratulations to Cassie Meadows for winning our first Pokemon DS tournament. Cassie defeated all the other players who were sure they were going to win. For weeks, the guys at the game center have been bragging that they would be stomping each other into the ground and taking home the gift certificate.

Along comes Cassie and she sweeps the game. Good job!

Cassie Meadows (L) is presented with a Blackthorn store certificate for winning the tournament.

Gibson Silver Surfer Custom Guitar Giveaway

January, 2008

In what the media commonly refers to as a "slow news day", we have this to report:

In association with the Fantastic Four movie and Gibson Guitars, Continental Tires is giving away a Gibson Custom Fantastic Four Silver Surfer Electric Guitar.
This guitar is made by the Gibson custom shop and features an image of the Surfer on a cool looking silver paint job.

A bonus is the advertisement featuring the Invisible Woman herself, Jessica Alba. When guys get caught checking out the picture of Jessica, they can tell their girlfriends they're checking out the guitar with the awesome dude on the board.

(No, really...they are checking out the awesome dude on the board!)

Advertisement featuring an "awesome dude on board"

Visit our gallery of Blackthorn T-Shirt designs and art displayed @ Gorin Moore

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