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Halo 2 Tournament
May 02, 2009

The "Happy Halo Dance " performed by the winning teams:
Second place team winners Andrew Adcox (left), Dean Avery (right).
Marc Romine (second from left), and Toni Moss (second from right) were the first place team.

Wii Super Smash Bros. Brawl

April 25, 2009

It looks like Blackthorn is going to have to run a "shooter" if anyone wants the chance to win first place! Tyrome Edmondson, the undisputed "King of the Fighters", has won yet again.

Not to say he didn't have strong competition, things were close, but ultimately he won again.

Tyrome now has a heavy crown to defend since everyone has said "more games are coming...and he CAN be beat".

We shall see.
  • 1. Tyrome Edmondson
  • 2. Nathan Hazelwood
  • 3. Ben "Duganmeister" Dugan
  • 4. A.J. Mack
Nathan Hazelwood (left), and Tyrome Edmondson (right).
The final four: Nathan Hazelwood (left), Ben Dugan (second from left),
A.J. Mack (next to Ben), and Tyrome.

A.J. figures if "you can't beat 'em, you might as well beat 'em up!"

XBox 360 Street Fighter IV

April 18, 2009

Troy Brown (left), Markus Brown (second from left),
Tyrome Edmondson
(second from right), A.J. Mack (right).
The final four were:
  • 1. Tyrome Edmondson
  • 2. A.J. Mack
  • 3. Markus Brown
  • 4. Troy Brown
A special note in Troy's defense...He said the only reason he slipped to fourth (he took second in the last SF4 tournament), was because it wasn't played on a PS3, and he forgot to practice. We feel Troy's pain. Maybe next time we'll have the event on a PS3! (nah, we probably won't)

Call Of Duty 4
April 11, 2009

Thanks to everyone for showing up for the COD4 tournament, and congratulations to Clint and Josh for the win.
The final match came down to Clint and Josh, versus Matt and Jamie. The final score ended 25 to 24.

The final four teams in the semi-finals were:
  • 1. Josh Barnhill and Nikki Pollock
  • 2. Clint Dunn and Josh Coleman
  • 3. Toni Moss and Marc Romine
  • 4. Matt Springer and Jamie Nelson

The two teams going into finals:
  • 1. Clint Dunn and Josh Coleman
  • 2. Matt Springer and Jamie Nelson

The event winners:
  • Clint Dunn and Josh Coleman

Clint Dunn (left), and.Josh Coleman (right), took first.
Matt Springer (left), and Jamie Nelson (right), took first place runner-up.
Okay, they really took second, but it was so dang close it might as well be first...almost

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

March 21, 2009

A.J. Mack (left), placed second.Tyrome Edmondson (right), took first.
Third and fourth place winners: Chris Hays (left), and Kenny Dandurand (right).

Street Fighter IV, XBox 360

March 14, 2009

The final four: Elijah Longwell (left), Joseph Wells (second from left). first place winner Tyrome Edmondson (second from right), and second place winner Troy Brown (right).

Crimson Skies, Xbox 360

March 7, 2009

Once again, Sir Alex has foiled the plans of Sir Matthew to win one of the "purty shiny things".

The two noble pilots duked it out to become Duke of the Crimson Skies dukedom. One was duped and the other achieved Dukeness!

Alex was awarded his second pilot's medallion (red), Alas, good Sir Matthew was awarded naught.

Curse you, Kopischke! May your struts be infested with termites and your wings develop dry rot!

HALO Numero Uno Tournament

February 28, 2009

First place team Alex Culpepper (left), and Matt Romine (second from left) demonstrate their amazing magical hats. With these special hats they are able to pull all kinds of pleasantly pleasant tasty snacks from them. The second place team of Elijah Longwell (second from right), and Jimmy are recipients of the magic hats' snacky goodness.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl, 1 v 1 Tournament

February 21, 2009

First place Kenny Dandurand (left), Joseph Wells (center). and second place, A.J. Mack (right)
Third place Tyrome Edmondson (left), fourth place Joseph Wells(right).

Top Eight for the event:
1 Kenny Dandurand
2 A.J. Mack
3 Tyrome Edmondson
4 Joseph Wells
5 Chris Hays
6 Marco Lamar
7 Gannon Ross
8 Gage Smith

Gears Of War 2
February 15, 2009

First place team John Campbell (far right), and Jeffrey Burgess (second from right).
Second place team, Justin Sanders (left), and Elijah Longwell (second from left).
The incomparable Alex Culpepper (front) belts out his amazing rendition of Sinatra's
"New York, New York."

See Sinatra's version of "New York, New York."

MK Vs. DCU Vs. SC4

February 14, 2009

This tournament was a bizarre mix of alternating rounds of Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe and Soul Calibur IV.

First place Tyrome Edmondson (second from right), second place Joseph Wells(right).
third place, Mr. Tony Moss (left), and fourth place Korey Thayer (second from left).

Halo 2 Tournament

February 7, 2009

The Halo Kings. Brothers Luke (left) and Will Blanks (right). The first place team.

Halo 3 Tournament

January 31, 2009

The first place team, Will and Luke Blanks, and their crew.
(left), Tyler Broadfoot (second from left), Luke (center), Jacob Blanks (second from right), Zach Watkins (right), and Brandon Felts (front)

Dirty Original XBox wouldn't function correctly during Halo 2 Tournament -
A reason to keep that console clean!

February 10, 2009

Follow this link to see why your original XBox may quit working and why you should keep it clean.
See what can cause your XBox to lock-up during gameplay.

XBox 360 Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe Tournament

January 24, 2009

The final four from the event: Jeffrey Burgess (left), and Tyrome Edmondson (second from left).
Joseph Wells (to the right of Tyrome...unless you're standing next to Tyrome and facing the camera...then he's to the left of Tyrome), and Tony Moss (in front...smiling...smiling a lot).
Final result:
1 Edmondson, Tyrome
2 Wells, Joseph
3 Burgess, Jeffrey
4 Moss, Tony
Tony (right) is seen here with his pal Kitty (left), Kitty was on hand to show support for her buddy Tony and cheered him on during the event. Sadly,Tony didn't win first place. Even though he blames Kitty for annoying him with her "cheers of support", which sounded more like "howling cat screams of distraction", Tony still promises to be her friend

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Team Tournament

January 17, 2009

Once again, the team of Hays & Mack have smashed through their opponents to win another SSBB team event. Congratulations gentlemen!

First place team A.J. Mack (far right), and Chris Hays (second from right).
Second place team, Gage Smith (left), and Ben Dugan (second from left).

Crimson Skies

January 10, 2009

Alex Kopischke(left) placed first. Shane Kopischke, Tyrome Edmondson, and Will Blanks
were the remaining pilots in top four.

Sir Matthew Reginald Simmons-Simmons Cowperthwaite Fairfield Burney-Smythe Woodington Romine was shot down today by Lord Alex Kingsford Simpson Tymesmythe Jefferey Johnson Kopischke.

Lord Alex became the first recipient of the 'Silver Eagle' medal. Good show!

GEARS OF WAR 2, 2 v 2 Team Tournament

January 9, 2009

Gears of War 2, first place team Alex Kopischke (second from right), and Marc Romine (right).
Second place team, Josh Barnhill (left), and Matt Springer (second from left).

This was our first Friday evening event for Gears. The team of Matt and Josh went undefeated straight through to the semi finals.

Then things got interesting. In the semi finals, Matt and Josh faced the team of Elijah Longwell and John Campbell. This was a nerve-wracking round with both teams holding their own and tieing up the scores with each shot fired. Finally, Longwell was down with Campbell left to try to win for thier team. Cambell ran across a courtyard and was pinned in a gated guard house. With just four seconds left to a stalemate, John was taken down.

The finals saw the pairing of the teams of Matt and Josh, and Alex Kopischke and Marc Romine. This was another tight game with neither side willing to give up the win. In a major upset, Marc and Alex dished out the winning shot, taking the win and first place for the event.

Halo 2 Tournament

January 3, 2009

Halo 2, First place team, Alex Kopischke (left) and Alex Culpepper (right).
Second place team, Tyrome Edmondson (second from left), and Will Blanks (second from right).

Crimson Skies

Late December, 2008

Matt Romine (second from right) placed first. Kiefer Lund (left), Marc Romine (second from left), and Will Blanks (right) were the remaining pilots in top four.

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