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The 2007 Orctoberfest and Halloween Party
October 28, 2007
The official 2007 Orctoberfest t-shirt.

Once a year, as the leaves turn, and a chill permeates the air, the dreaded LAWN GNOME emerges from his woodsy lair to give his "yay" or "nay" to the festivities.

(Why is he called a lawn gnome? Shouldn't he be a wood gnome since he lives in the woods? But if we called him a wood gnome wouldn't most people assume that he is actually made of wood, when in fact most lawn gnomes are ceramic or concrete?)


Um...What's the deal? This kid is still standing next to me and he's not trembling.

THE HORROR!...What could be more terrible than a lawn gnome and a clown? (Matt Romine & Clint Williams)

"After I beat this clown, I'm gonna' haul him off to my woodsy lair and deep-fry 'em" laughs the despicable LAWN GNOME.

Lawn Gnome and Alex Kopischke.

"Hey LG, have you ever had hot dogs" asked Alex?

"Naw boy. But I was wonderin', have you ever heard of deep-fry?"

Lawn Gnome and Jordan Lowe. "Hey kid, I'm selling a new line of deep-fryers. With the holidays approaching you could really use one. If you want to visit my woodsy lair I could do a demo for you."

Marc 'Rabid" Romine and the villainous Lawn Gnome. Marc won a store gift certificate for most points won from playing a variety of games. LG won a certficate for his costume.

Why do all the players disappear after being photographed with Lawn Gnome? Do the words "woodsy lair", and "deep-fry" mean anything?

D&D miniatures Desert of Desolation prerelease winners. Mark Morton Jr. (3rd place),Daniel Bennet (2nd place), Kris Blais (1st place), and Jordan Crenshaw (4th).

No lawn gnome = 4 survivors.


That's it for another year, folks. Lawn Gnome wants you to know that next year he'll be trying out a new gas barbeque grill...and you're all invited!

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