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UFS Holiday Funktacular
December 22, 2007
The rules were simple, build a deck using a character whose name begins with a letter in the word "Christmas". This made many of the players rework their favorite standing decks to go along with the holiday theme.

The coolest character had to be Matt Romine's modified Raphael card. Matt reworked the art to make the card read "Raphaelf". It included an elf hat, ornaments, custom type, and the all important "elf-fuel", BAWLS.

Prizes for this events were provided by Sabertooth Games and BAWLS Guarana .

From left to right: Matthew Romine, William Tummins, Gage Smith, and Ben Dugan.
Matt Romine's custom "Raphaelf" card.

UFS Assets of Power at Blackthorn Game Center
November 21, 2007
For complete tournament results, and pictures, visit the Assets of Power page.
Justin Wilkinson (right) presents the AoP champion, Brandon Henley (left) with his "Assets" play set, uncut card sheet, and Champion trophy.

Blackthorn AoP Event on Sabertooth Website

November, 2007
Check out this promo about the Blackthorn Assets of Power event on the UFS/Sabertooth website.

Orctoberfest 2007

October 28, 2007

Orctoberfest 2007 has come and gone. Click here to view some pics.

The Spoils Summer Tour...The Bus Stops Here.
July 29, 2007

Blackthorn Game Center was paid a visit by The Spoilers and their enormous tour bus.
Visit this page for complete story and pictures.

Tournament report from the Spoils Web Blarg
July 29th, 2007 Blackthorn Gaming Center
Aug 2nd, 2007 by Dawna
The store was everything that a game store should be: warm, welcoming, comfortable.

For the complete complete story from The Spoiler's blog, click here.

Stories from the Road from Spoilers Blog
Spoiler's Blog July 29th, 2007
Aug 2nd, 2007 by Dawna
Blackthorn Gaming Center located in Dickson, TN was located in a small town. But for such a small town to have such a great gaming center is amazing.(excerpt)

For the complete report from The Spoils website, click here.

Blackthorn Gets A Write-Up In The Dickson Herald
Monday, 07/23/07

This article is from the website.

Blackthorn collectibles, gaming store to host Spoils tourney
By Amanda Mollenhour
The Dickson Herald

Blackthorn Game Center in Dickson was chosen to host a Spoils tournament this weekend. This tournament is part of the company’s Summer Tour 2007.
Blackthorn is the only stop in Tennessee for the tour.
Spoils is an ages-13-and-up card game where players head an army and compete with other player’s armies in a Victorian fantasy setting.

The game was released in November by Tenacious Games and has quickly gained popularity in the gaming community.

“This is Spoil’s first tour. They are touring nationwide on a fully-equipped RV and bringing prize money to all the tournaments,” said Matt Romine, head judge for the Spoils tournament. “They are also bringing the Spoilers, a group of ladies that are qualified judges, and know how to play the game. They are trying to make gaming more accessible to women.”

First prize for this tournament will be $250.

“They are trying to cash in on the poker popularity with Spoils,” said Romine.
“We are playing to win something, not just playing to win,” said Spoils player Alex Kopischke.

Registration for the tournament will begin at 12 p.m. on Saturday, July 29. The tournament will be constructed, so players must bring their own decks.

Blackthorn hosts tournaments and special events on most Saturdays, as well opening their game-room to gamers.

Blackthorn, owned by Mark Amoroso, is located at 1430 Hwy. 70 E. Their phone number is 446-6057. You can also visit them on the store Web site at

For more information about Spoils you can visit them on the web at, or Matt Romine’s Blackthorn/Spoils site,

Scourge O' The Sea

I not be postin' anything pirate in a whiles. It be seemin' about time, so's I be postin' this here picture of Cap'n Roger in some fancy new piratin' attire.

That sure be a fancy beard the Cap'n be sportin' ...Harrr.

Captain Roger on his way to the store for some Clam Chowder and Oyster Crackers. Yum!

Magic: The Gathering Game Day

July 14, 2007

Players at Blackthorn joined in a celebration of the past, present, and future of Magic in a special event appropriately named the 1st Annual Magic Game Day. Players had their first chance to pick up and play Tenth Edition, and receive an exclusive foil promo card of Reya Dawnbringer.

The format for Magic Game Day was Sealed Deck. Each player received five Tenth Edition 15-card booster packs to build their deck (minimum of 40 cards).

Congratulations to the winners of the tournament (in order):
  • Walter Duncan
  • Gabe Shiver
  • Gage Smith
  • Tyrome Edmondson
A specially made display greeted the players at the Magic Game Day event.
Each of the "lands" were represented on this custom-made diorama. A Dragon Lord stands guard.
The players "crack" their packs.
Gage Smith (L) and Tyrome Edmondson (R) show their winning swag.

Walter Duncan proudly displays his hard earned winnings.
Kasy Powell, winner of the Scavenger Hunt.

D & D Miniatures Night Below Prerelease

June 30, 2007


Deep beneath the earth and sky, a world of dark dungeons and dense shadows hides from the light of day. Within this realm of endless night, shadow dragons prowl,dread wraiths rise from shallow graves, and a mind flayer lich hatches diabolical plans against thw world above.


So goes the text on the box of the new D&D miniatures expansion Night Below.

In celebration of the prerelease for this new set, we tossed the players down in a hole out back of the store. The hole leads down to the legendary "Haunted Caves". We figured this would be the perfect setting to compete with this new set. *

(* total fiction...just makes for a good story.)

Chris Hooper (blue shirt), Kris Blais (behind Chris), Nathan Bryson (in plaid shirt), and Donovan Grimwood.
The Spelunkers in action! (Hey guys...uh, you did notice the bird, right?)
Jeff Bristol (left) and Daniel Bennet battle it out in mine No.3
Daniel Coons (blue shirt), Michael Hooper
Kris Blais, Donovan Grimwood, Markus Brown, and Daniel Bennet. The helmets provided not only light, but did a great job of protecting against Bat-Guano.

The final standings for the event:

  • Daniel Bennet
  • Markus Brown
  • Kris Blais
  • Donovan Grimwood

The Summer Redneck Games at Buckeye Park

East Dublin, Ga., July 8

Image from the Redneck Games website
All those years drinking beer after beer to build that perfect body have paid off. At the Redneck Games, a big ol' big beer belly is an asset -- it gives you an edge in the mud pit belly flop contest.

The games kick off with the ceremonial lighting of the BBQ grill by 'L Bow' with a propane torch made partially out of Budweiser cans. Then, the rest of the day is devoted to intense competition -- including dumpster diving, bobbing for pigs' feet, armpit farting (recently, a winner played the entire theme song to Green Acres), and a big hair contest. Winners of the competitions walk away with bragging rights and a trophy of a crushed Bud Light can.

Created in 1996 by Mac Davis as a radio station promotion, the first Redneck Games had attendance of 5000 people. The event has since grown to over 15,000 people attending. All profit — every last cent — from the Redneck Games goes to local charities.

Schedule of Festival Highlights:

12:30PM - Lighting of the Ceremonial Grill

1:30 PM - Redneck Horseshoes

2:30PM - Bobbin' For Pigs Feet

3:30PM - Hubcap Hurl

4:30PM - Mud Pit Belly Flop

5:30 PM - Armpit Serenade

6:30 PM - Butt Crack Competition

9:15 PM - Fireworks (Look out!...ain't nothin' like a bunch of rednecks with things that blow-up!)

A sample of the food delicacies available:
Fried alligator on a stick

Check out their website at

UFS Prerelease Tournaments
Street Fighter Extreme Rivals, and Soulcalibur III Blades of Fury
May 12, 2007

Kicks, and punches were flying today as players got the chance to use the new UFS card expansions. Blackthorn hosted a pre-release for both sets, Street Fighter Extreme Rivals, and Soulcalibur III Blades of Fury. The players had a great time using new characters and getting the chance to check out the new powers of the cards before the "street-date" release.

This fifth set of expansions to the Universal Fighting System, or UFS, will be released by Sabertooth Games on May 18. These new UFS releases are fully compatible with all the previous card sets and can only be purchased at your local core hobby stores.

The Final 4:
  • Blanton Hamilton
  • Aaron Dunlap
  • Marc "Rabid" Romine
  • Matt Romine
The Brothers Romine, happy with another fine days' worth of abuse they unleashed on their unsuspecting opponents. Marc (L), and Matt (R)

"I don't want no Monkey Butt!"

I always thought that Monkey Butt was a name you called your niece or nephew...I never heard of this. I saw an ad for this product in a local paper and thought "what the...?"

From the Anti-Monkey Butt website:
• Anti Monkey Butt Powder is specially formulated to absorb excess sweat and reduce frictional skin irritation.
• Ideal for butt busting activities such as truck driving, motorcycling, bicycling, horse back riding, and extreme sports. May also be applied inside footwear, under sports pads, and other areas prone to chafing. Indoors or outdoors, work or play, or on occasions when you sit on your butt all day, don’t let your buns get red, use Anti Monkey Butt Powder instead!
Check out the site here.

Naruto Dream Legacy
Release Tournament
May 12, 2007

Players in the Saturday Naruto release tournament got to use Bandai Entertainment's newest release for the Naruto CCG. Dream Legacy is the fifth release in the series. 115 new cards have been introduced in this expansion. This set covers the storyline after the Leaf Village attack by Orochimaru and the search for Tsunade. New Ninja cards feature Shinzu, Tsunade, and the mysterious Akatsuki Ninjas; Kisame Hoshigaki and Itachi Uchiha.

The final four in the event:
  1. Michael Burnette
  2. Nick Rathjen
  3. Dean Avery
  4. Elijah Longwell

Damien Davis chants the Naruto mantra into his Cheetos (mmm,Cheetos!). Caleb Bishop (in back) shows his support for the winners (and Cheetos). Elijah Longwell (orange shirt), Michael Burnette (Green shirt), Nick Rathjen (black shirt), and Dean Avery (front)
Joseph is developing the world's first QS (Quad Screen) game system Did you remember your mom? Sunday (the day after today...which would be tomorrow...but not the tomorrow after the day you read this) is Mothers Day.
Blackthorn-Man helps Meijin Joshua Arnold distribute the prizes at the Naruto event.

UFS...Heads Above The Rest
Yun / Yang Tournament
April 21, 2007

Marc "Rabid" Romine showed up Saturday sportin' a new 'do. While the "hawk" was awesome in it's own right, we said "Marc, that would look ultra-cool with a UFS logo on the side of your head".

Marc agreed! (How's that for enthusiasm for a game?)

The "Rabid" One showing his support. "FEAR ME...FEAR THE HAWK! GRRR!"
Dustin R. and Jordan Lowe during Yun Yang tourney Mathhew Bond and Blanton "Bandido" Hamilton

Saturday Naruto

April 21, 2007
Three gamer dudes playin' Naruto. L-R: Tyrome, Joseph, and the Deanster. (There were more people in the tournament...we just wanted to bother these three.)

More from my "Sabertooth Soapbox"

April 02, 2007
I recently walked into my local "Bullseye" store. I wanted to check out my competitors game card aisle for stock and prices. As I stood looking at the variety of card games being sold, I felt a wave of despair overtake me. I looked at the vast assortment of cards, all of which are being sold by game stores, and realized how much of "our" sales are being cannibalized by the "mass-ked marauders".

Then it, even though I know this already, I noticed an absence of a card game. A bright light of hope shone on me! There is no UFS being sold here! There is hope for the game stores!

UFS is only sold where game players shop and play. Sabertooth/UFS is supporting the game industry and I am thankful.

UFS Tournament - "UFS has the biggest Sombreros!"

March 31, 2007
Today was another awesome UFS tournament. We wrapped up our first league season and awarded prizes to the league players.
To finish up the March league we had a "league member tournament".
The top four were Blanton Hamilton, Kiefer L., Matt Bond, and Matt Romine.

Blanton gave his view on UFS..."I have played many games. I've played many card games. While I enjoy many of the games, UFS definitely has the biggest sombreros!"

Thank you Blanton, we think so too.

Blanton Hamilton (UFS is muy calientes!), Kiefer L., Marc Romine (standing in for Matt Romine), and Matt Bond.
To give the players some pre-game excitement, we set up a SNES system to let them play some old-school Samurai Shodown.
Matt and Marc Romine slap each other around prior to the tournament.

Sabertooth Games...they talk the talk and walk the walk!

March 03, 2007
Game stores owe a large "thank you" to Sabertooth Games. Sabertooth has remained true to their word and sold the UFS system into the hobby market only. I'm sure much more money could be made by selling to the "mass-market googaplexes", but Sabertooth believes a stronger gaming community can be developed by selling the cards to real gamers.

It would be great if more game publishers would follow Sabertooth's lead and concentrate on building a strong relationship with the core gaming hobby market. This type of "long term" thinking allows game stores to be more profitable and provide the knowledge of gaming to the game buying consumer that only hobby-gaming stores can provide. This includes demos, leagues, and dedicated tournament facilities

The short sighted, quick profit mentality that many publishers have developed is not healthy for building long-term game players. Most people who buy a publishers game in the "big box" stores have only bought into a game because it's the current flavor on TV or "everyone else is playing it".

The health of hobby-game stores are crucial for any game to enjoy a long life and give game players a community of like-minded peers.

Many thanks to Sabertooth for starting what I hope will be a path other manufacturers will follow.

This advertisement says it all!

Universal Fighting System Animals Attack Tournament

March 17, 2007
The winners doing their "I'm Baaad" look. (L to R) Michael H., Matt Bond, Keifer L., and Dustin R.
In this picture everyone finally lightened up and decided "okay, I'm really not that baaad" Here the guys are much happier. Probably because they were just awarded a big pile of shiny cards that were graciously provided by Sabertooth as prizes.

D&D Miniatures Unhallowed Prerelease
March 03, 2007
Players got the chance to try out the new booster set of Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures, Unhallowed. This set contains all kinds of nasties and things that go bump in the night. Some of the critters that dwell in this set are werewolves, liches, zombies, and the "big-daddy" of the vampires...Strahd.

To make things even creepier, that evening, as the players left Blackthorn, they were greeted outside by a lunar eclipse!

In the foreground Mr. Soda Bottle competes with the Invisible Man. On the next table, behind Soda, Damien Davis competes with Matthew R.
Tobias Truman and Cintra Bristol
Chris Hooper vs. Donovan Grimwood Chris, who is really Superman (we know 'cause he's wearing an "S"), uses his heat-vision to melt Donovan's figures.
The winners from left to right : Cat, who won a life-sized Donovan Grimwood figure, Tobias Truman, Kris Blais, and Damien Davis.

Naruto Academy Tournament

March 03, 2007
Nick Rathjen, Meijin Joshua Arnold (in cap) , Elijah (in blue), and Michael (in black shirt)
Since Joshua was not permitted to play in the event (he was judging), he spent much of his spare time talking to his gamemat and trying to make Naruto cards magically appear on it.

Universal Fighting System - In The House!

A plethora of UFS at B-Thorn
Universal Fighting System is a card game that allows you to use characters from some of the world's most popular video games. The card sets include Street Fighter, SoulCalibur III, King of Fighters, and Samurai Showdown. Cards are compatible across all the "titles". This allows you to pick characters you like and develope your own custom playing style.
Our league is in full swing and the game is rockin'. Get in touch with us if you'd like to participate in casual play or one of the upcoming tournaments.

February Naruto Genin Tournament

February 24, 2007

Piratey Goodness In Surprising Places. Pt.II

Check out this guitar from Epiphone. 'tis a seafarin' six-stringer's dream!

Yo, ho! A pirate's axe for me!

Avast, there, matey! You won't want to be missin' this here beauty of an Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar. She's got all you'd expect from a Les Paul: great sustain and tone; a solid mahogany body and set mahogany neck; plus two Alnico Classic humbuckers with none of that noise-of-the-sea hiss you're keen to avoid. Just clear, strong sound, like the bellowin' of the lookout from the crow's nest!

Ah, but we're just gettin' to the best part of this booty: This jet black guitar is covered in custom Pirates of the Caribbean art. The infamous skull logo from the movie is on the body, a Captain Jack Sparrow voodoo doll is on the headstock, and the fingerboard inlays are lovely, blood-red skull and crossbones! Toppin' it all off, the truss rod cover be imprinted with the words, "A Pirates' Life for Me." Yar-harr!

Piratey Goodness In Surprising Places.

If you're a bowler you can show your piratin' side with this rerelease of a classic bowling ball.

This story is from the Ebonite website:


Tuesday, 02/27/2007
Brand Resurrects Fun Ball™ Line Due to Consumer Demand

HOPKINSVILLE, Kent. – In 2006, it wasn’t uncommon to see the original The Skull™ ball from Ebonite going for upwards of $500 on eBay. The Skull™, one of the original balls in the company’s Fun Ball™ line, has now been resurrected from Ebonite’s retired balls burial ground and is back by popular demand.

“Consumers were clamoring for The Skull™,” said Ed Gallagher, Ebonite brand manager. “When you have that kind of response and you’ve got people begging for a ball to be reissued, you don’t ignore them. You give them what they want.”

Just like the original, The Skull™ features a carefully-crafted Skull inside the ball’s core with a wicked clear-coated polyester coverstock. The result is a ball that looks intimidating yet super cool as it travels down the lane. The Skull™ is available now in 14 – 16 pounds.

“This season, heads will roll and our competitors can R.I.P.,” concluded Gallagher.

For more information on The Skull™ and other balls from the Ebonite brand, visit

Based in Hopkinsville, Kent., Ebonite International is a privately-owned company that currently services bowling centers, distributors and retail outlets both domestically and internationally. For more information, visit

The Wheatles! Two rock legends unite, plan world tour.
February 2007
Members of the band The Who, and members of The Beatles have been in discussion of forming a new "supergroup".
By joining the names of their two bands, they will go by the new moniker The Wheatles. The band will feature Peter Townsend on guitar, Paul McCartney on bass, Roger Daltrey performing lead vocals, and Ringo Starr playing drums.
The Wheatles hope to get rehearsals underway for a planned world tour later this year.

Ringo Starr, Peter Townsend, Roger Daltrey, and Paul McCartney. An outside observer noted "I've never met any of these gentlemen. And of course, you know this whole story is rubbish?"

SPOILS Invitational Quailfiers

February 2007
The Spoils weekly Invitational Qualifier tournaments give players a path to qualifying for a spot at a special FREE Pre-Release, where they will compete for a purse of $1,000 worth of merchandise and cash, and ultimately qualify for a coveted spot on the Spoils Championship Cruise in Feb 2008. The weekly Spoils events let players qualify to play in a special Invitational tournament held in our region.

Playing in the Invitational Qualifiers at Blackthorn and qualifying for the Invitational will be meaningful to the players in a number of ways.
1) They receive free entry into the Invitational. This is an event held on the same day
and same location as the pre-release, but held anywhere between one and two
hours ahead of the open event
2) That means qualified players get to see and play with the new cards in the
set before anyone else.
3) The players in the Invitational play for $1,000 in prizes.
4) They also play for a total of 142 STE points with the winner earning 50 points. 50
STE points wins them a cabin on the Spoils Championship Cruise, Feb 2008.
That’s a spot for themselves and a guest (minors must choose a parent or

The IQ’s are a mix of Sealed, Draft and Constructed. Providing a variety of events
for different interests and a consistent time and place to play every week for the
Spoils ™ community at Blackthorn.

Visit Matt's site The Spoils of Blackthorn

Alex "The K" Kopischke, and Matthew Romine. When not playing Spoils, and other games, Alex works as a "Special Missions" investigations agent. (Notice the strategically concealed earpiece!) On this day he was working "incognito" at the Game Center investigating reports of illegal card sleeve usage. (Curse those evil shiny sleeves!)

Magic: The Gathering / Planar Chaos Release Tournament
February 03, 2007

Respectable turn-out. Not too many...nor too few. Cool cards...solid set.
Congratulations to the final four.
  • Walter Duncan (1)
  • Gage Smith (2)
  • Kanon Hinson (3)
  • Caleb Bishop (4)
Ryan Taliaferro and Kanon Hinson Foreground table (L to R): Damien Davis, Caleb Bishop, Aaron Dunlap, and Blanton Hamilton
Walter Duncan (plaid shirt), and Christopher A. (in booth.) Gage Smith (at table). Damien Davis (foreground), and Caleb Bishop (not in foreground)

CLOUT Fantasy Throw-Down Tournaments
January & February, 2007
Blackthorn has continued our weekly Throw-Down tournaments, and monthly Rally tournaments. While patiently waiting for the next CLOUT set to be released, the "chip-chuckers" show their support for the game by participating in these events and supporting their factions.
We are proud of our strong player base and have created the first CLOUT gaming group for the state of Tennessee. The group is "TC4", which stands for Tennessee Clout Chip Chuckers Club.

Dean "The Arm", Michael, Samantha, and Justin. Dean is demonstrating the "hand signal of peace" he claims he was shown by a race of alien Bunny People that "supposedly" visted the store. He says the Bunny People made the rabbit hand gesture and claimed that this meant intergalactic peace to Bunnies of all planets.
Michael didn't believe Dean but he thought the "Bunny People hand thing" looks pretty cool. You can see in the picture he is working on perfecting the intricate gesture.
Samantha decided it would be better to keep Dean and Michael at the other end of the table.
Justin wonders why we "even care?" He says "the Alien Ferret People had a much cooler hand signal."
In this picture the Alien Bunny People have teleported Dean to the end of the table. Michael was teleported to an entirely different table behind Dean! At this point, Samantha decided it would be better to get her own table. But where is her opponent? Did the Bunny People beam him up!?

Naruto Academy Tournament
February 2007

Visit our gallery of Blackthorn T-Shirt designs and art displayed @ Gorin Moore

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