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Super Smash Brothers Brawl 1 v 1 Event
December 20, 2008

XXXXXX (right) placed first, and Gage Smith (left) placed second
The second half of the top four winners: Will Blanks (left) and A.J. Mack (right).

HALO 2, 2 v 2 - Slayer / Swat

December 13, 2008

HALO 2, First place team, Aaron Rumford (left) and Caleb Herbison (right). Caleb wants you to notice the date up to the left. "See that, it's the 13th, and we still managed to win!"
LIQUID SUGAR AND SNACKABLE GOODNESS! Proudly presented by Marc Romine (left), Dean Avery (center), and Tony Moss (right). Second place team, Marc and Tony.

Halo / Gears Double-Header Event

November 29, 2008

Today, we hosted our first "double-header" event. We started with a Halo 3 tournament followed by Gears of War 2. Players had the option of entering either event or competing in both.

People that played in both events got in over 11 hours of digital-gaming goodness!

Gears of War 2, First place team, Alex Kopischke (left) and Marc Romine (right).
Gears of War 2, Second place team, Elijah Longwell (left) and John Campbell (right).
HALO 3, First place team, Luke Blanks(left) and Clint Dunn (right).
HALO 3, Second place team, (left) and Kiefer Lund (right).

HALO 2 Team Tournament, 2 v 2 Team Slayer/Swat

November 22, 2008

First place team, Alex Kopischke (left) and Alex Culpepper (right).
The second place team consisted of team members Aaron Rumford (second from left) and Marc Romine (right),

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Team Tournament, 2 v 2

November 15, 2008

First place team, A.J. Mack (left) and Chris Hays (right).
Second place team, Cory Goodman (left) and Tyler Moseley (right).
First place biggest losing team, Undefeated in their loserness.
Elena A.
(left) and Nathan Bryson (right).

HALO 2 Tournament, 2 v 2

November 8, 2008

First place team, Caleb Herbison (left) and James Davidson (right).
Second place team, Aaron Rumford (left) and Michael Green (right).

HALO 3 Tournament, 2 v 2

November 1, 2008

Second place team: Elijah Longwell (left), and John Campbell (second from left). First place team: Alex Kopischke (second from right), and Marc Romine (right).

Gears Of Wars Tournament, 2 v 2

October 26, 2008

First place team: Alex Kopischke (left), and Alex Culpper (second from left). Second place team: John Campbell (second from right), and Elijah Longwell (right).

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Slamboree 5

October 18, 2008

We had a great Brawl event this past weekend. Great turnout, and a great group of players. Thanks to you all for making it such an enjoyable tournament

XXXXXX (left) placed first, and Joseph Wells(right) placed second
A.J. Mack (left) placed 4th, and C.J. Parchman (right) placed 3rd.

Halo 1, 2 v 2 - Team Slayer

September 27, 2008

HALO 1 winning team. Caleb Herbison (left), and Will Blanks (right). James Davidson (in middle) reminds the two how great of friends they are, and that they should share their winnings with him. Joseph Wells(in doorway) thinks about SSB Brawl strategies and fights a round in his mind.
Spazz & Skid. Two thirds of

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Slamboree 4

September 27, 2008

XXXXXX(left) placed first, and Gannon Ross (right) placed second

Gears Of War Tournament

September 21, 2008

The winning team of today's event was none other than the world famous A-Squared. Alex Kopischke (left) and Alex Culpepper (right), Photo courtesy of Matt Romine.
C'mon Matt...what's the problem? You just point the lens and push the stinkin' button!
Hey, will you look at that? The logo went away, I hope he doesn't take our picture now.

Rock Band Jam

September 21, 2008

To wind down after the Gears tournament, some of the guys got together for an impromptu Rock Band jam.

SoulCalibur II & IV Combo Tournament

September 20, 2008

Matt Romine (second place), Party Gnome (master of ceremonies), Tyrome Edmondson (first place), and Dean Avery (crazy gamer dude).

Video of Dean, and Joseph, at Halo Tournament

September, 2008

Check out the new video of Dean, and Joseph "ownin' 'em" at GeekValve.

HALO 2 - 2 v 2 Team Slayer Tournament
September 13, 2008

These guys had never played as a team prior to this event, then they played a great game and won the tournament.

Good job!

(A2 was not in attendance today.)

Will Blanks(left) and Tyrome Edmondson(right) with their winnings.

Crimson Skies Tournament

September 06, 2008

Blackthorn was honored to have the highly revered pilot Sir Matthew Reginald Simmons-Simmons Cowperthwaite Fairfield Burney-Smythe Woodington Romine participate in today's event.
While all felt honored to have the mighty flyer in attendance, his reputation preceded him and the other flyers fought just a bit more timidly.
Sir Matthew ultimately won the event. The pilot exclaimed "Chaps, let that be a lesson to all that might challenge the brave pilots of the Chicago Royal Flight Force."

My Gosh! Is that Sir Matthew? Fear not lad! I just stopped in for a bit o' the pizza.
The Mighty Pilot questioned "when did they start making these pilots in miniature?"
A good day! "Many have felt the wrath of my burning shells!" Alas, I must take my leave! And with me, I shall take a bit of the bubbly.

HALO 1, 2 v 2 Team Slayer Tournament

August 30, 2008

Congratulations to Will Blanks, and Caleb, for winning our first XBOX Halo 1 Tournament. Great playing!

Caleb(left) and Will Blanks(right)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Slamboree 3

August 23, 2008

Well, it finally happened. Tyrome Edmondson has lost his title as the reigning King-O-The-Brawl. After seven rounds of SSBB, Tyrome was defeated by XXXXXX.
XXXXXX was a total gentleman and didn't trash-talk Tyrome, or brag about his win. Both players were mutually appreciative of their opponent's skills and shook hands prior to the final round and after.

Thanks to both of these guys for their sportmanship and great game playing.

XXXXXX (left) placed first, and Tyrome Edmondson (right) placed second


August 16, 2008

Congratulations to Tyrome Edmondson for winning first place.

HALO 2 , 2 v 2 - Random Map Fiesta

August 9, 2008

Yeah, Team A2 won again.

Blah,blah,blah...end of story.

Alex the K(left) , Matt Romine, Shane (bro of A the K), Dean (orange shirt), Troy Brown, Alex the C (right)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Slamboree

July 26, 2008

Once again, Tyrome Edmondson has won SSBB. The event was 5 rounds of swiss, with the top 4 going into single elimination rounds.

Tournament support was graciously provided by the following sponsors:
  • Computer Power User magazine: Free copies of their magazine for each player
  • Roxy Movie Theatre in Dickson: Free Movie Passes
  • House Blend in Dickson: Certificates for free gourmet coffee or drink
  • BAWLS Guarana: Free bottles of Bawls caffeinated drink
First and second place each received half a case of Mountain Dew, and first place won a pass to enter their next tournament for free.

Tyrome(left) placed first, and A.J.(right) placed second
Blanton Hamilton diggin' his copy of CPU Marc Romine checks out the "console" section
Everyone had such fun at the tournament...they left some awesome tips! What a great bunch of players. They were so appreciative, they left keys to their cars, their wallets, cell phones, even a cool flashlight. Thanks guys!
Okay, we ended up having a problem. I thought all the guys were being nice and leaving a tip for us for running such a great tournament. It turns out the guy in the white shirt (The alternate-reality evil-twin Alex) had been "lifting" all the cool stuff from the players while they were gaming.
This picture clearly shows him sneaking in to "aquire' these unsuspecting gamers' wallets. Look out gamer dudes!

Mario Kart DS Tournament

July 19, 2008

Congratulations once again to Joseph Wells. The unstoppable, undefeated, unconditional, unconformed, unconfined, unconfused, unconventional, unconquered, undeniable champion of the track.

Second place goes to Troy Brown!

Joseph Wells (left) and Troy Brown (right)

Halo 2, 2v2 Tournament / SWAT format

July 12, 2008

Okay, what's the deal? Does Team A2 own this page or something? All we see are stinkin' pix of team A Squared.

But seriously, we have to give these guys their props. This was a great event with loads of top-notch players. Everyone played a strong game and had a good time.

Team A2 finished the event undefeated with a score of 7-0! Congratulations on another win, guys.

Each of the Alex's took home a half a case of Mountain Dew, bottles of BAWLS, a copy of CPU magazine, and a free entry into the next eGame event.

Team A2 (A Squared): Alex Kopischke(l), and Alex Culpepper(r)
Winners of the random drawing for BAWLS prizes

Halo 2, 2v2 Tournament / Slayer format

June 29, 2008

They have the skills, they can talk trash, the other players hate 'em! Team A2 kicked major donkey today and swept the event undefeated for a final run of 6-0.

The only snag we had for the day was an xbox that kept dropping from the network. Interestingly, this xbox only lost its connection every time Elijah Longwell used it. After many accusations of being a "electronically-cursed-bad-juju", it was discovered that we had a faulty ethernet cable. After replacing said cable, the tourney went on without a hitch.

Congratulations to team A2.

Team A2 (A Squared): Alex Culpepper (l), and Alex Kopischke (r)

Wii Double Header Tournament

June 14, 2008

Today, for one entry fee, players got to compete in two events. The Wii Bowling tournament, and the Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament. Special trophies were made for each event and additional prizes were provided by BAWLS Guarana drink.

Tyrome Edmondson wins Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Tyrome had a fantastic streak for this event. He won all four swiss rounds, then went on to win the semi-final, then the finals. Using Solid Snake as his character, he swept this event totally undefeated!

Additionally, Tyrome won the Magic TCG tourney today as well.

Tyrome Edmondson with his custom trophy, and BAWLS prizes

Joseph Wells wins Wii Bowling
Congratulations to Joseph Wells for winning our Wii Bowling Tournament. Joseph bowled a high score of 266.
Joseph won a custom trophy and swag from BAWLS.

Michael Burnette (left), Matthew Nelson (center), and Joseph Wells (right).

Halo 3 Tournament

May 31, 2008

Before I go any MUST check out the outstanding video produced by Alex Culpepper. The video was filmed and edited by Alex and has been posted on YouTube. The video gives you a feel of what the event was like.
Thanks Alex for the great work!

Check out the video here

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Halo tournament. We had 12 players competing to win the "Golden Banshee", a special trophy created for the event.
All players competed in 5 round of swiss paired matches with 4 players moving to single elimination after the cuts.

The final 2 players were Will Blanks, and Matthew Romine. After a nerve-wracking match between the two we faced a major predicament...the game ended in a tie! Both players received ten kills, and a decision had to be made to make someone the final winner.

It was decided that we would have to do a sudden-death round and that the winner would be the "Grand prize" winner.

Utimately, Will Blanks' nimble thumbs got the better of Matt and won Will first place.

Will Blanks (left) is awarded the Golden Banshee by Elena (right).

The Golden Banshee

Halo 3 Tournament

May 18, 2008

On Sunday, May 18, Blackthorn Game Center hosted its first xBox 360 tournament. The game was a 1-on-1 Halo 3 event. Ten players competed in four rounds of modified swiss, with four players cutting to the top four for single elimination rounds.
After the smoke had cleared, Alex Kopischke emerged as the "last-standing" winner.
Alex took home a WizKids ActionClix Banshee game figure for first prize.

Alex Kopischke with his shiney-new Banshee.

The players during the tournament

Pokemon DS Tournament 4

April 19, 2008

Congratulations to Justin for winning our fourth Pokemon DS tournament. Justin finally broke the winning streak held by Cassie Meadows. Cassie had won the three previous events..
The next tournament will move the Pokemon up to level 75. We'll see if Justin can keep his crown, or if we'll have a new winner.

Justin Sanders (center) is awarded his trophy by Elena A.(left), and Joseph Wells (right).

Custom designed trophy for the fourth tournament.

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