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2006 NEWS
2005 NEWS

The 2006 Orctoberfest and Halloween Party
October 28, 2006
The Castle. The table is decorated with "Orcish" games and prizes.
The Castle...oooh...scary. Orc bowling, Roll-the-Bones, and prizes. (covered with Orc snot)
The snack bar. Double...oooh...scary! Captain Buddah, the happy pirate!
Red Skull (Nathan Bryson) and Pirate-Witch Doctor (Marc Romine). "I don't associate with Witch Doctors" says Red. Blanton Hamilton pickin' and grinnin'. Actually he's kinda givin' the "go-away" look.
Link (from L-o-Zelda) and Captain Jamie. "You sure your last name isn't Pan?" asks the Captain. "I met someone like you before...but his last name was Pan!" (Ryan Taliaferro and Jamie Weatherspoon). Matthew Romine with his handmade "V" mask. Notice that Matt is wearing his "Zen Clout" mask as well. (Mask on mask...that's a devoted, hard-core Orctoberfester!)
Ryan judging a Zen Clout game. Riptide Roger trying to confuse the players in a Zen Clout game. (Rotten, evil pirate!)
Justin contemplates his throw in Zen Clout. (Hey Justin...your opponent is at the other table!)
Zen Clout winners Alex Kopischke, and Blanton Hamilton. "I took Alex's chips when he had his mask on" smiles Blanton. The costume contest. Actually, we didn't have a costume contest. We just told these guys we were having a contest. Man...were they surprised!
Costume contest winner Alex Kopischke modeling his Tetris block. The left side of the block has room for Alex's microwave, gas grill, refrigerator, and XBox 360. These boots are made for walking (or something like that). Ryan made us take a picture of his boots. He's proud of these boots! Ryan is weird. (...but we still like him).
Mmm...the ribs are done! Anyone want some barbeque? Link's shield. Masterfully rendered by Ryan (The Godfather) Taliaferro.
D&D minatures Blood War Pre-release winners. Jeremy Roberts, Markus Brown. Mark Morton Jr., and Matthew R. CLOUT Fantasy Rally winners. Allen, Blanton, Hendo, Kiefer, Matt, Jordan, and Ben.
The "All-seeing, all-knowing" Madame Laurie was on hand to do Tarot readings. (Laurie Aldinger-Mayo)
Do you dare challenge the Pumpkin King? The Pumpkin King event was the brainchild of Cintra and Jeff Bristol. The Pumpkin King turned out to be that big, nasty Red Dragon on the table! ( I smell S'mores?)
Mark Morton Jr. (standing) watches the "Pumpkin King" event.
"I smell S'mores! Does anyone else smell S'mores?"...oh, that's your paladin?
Captains Jamie and Roger. "Roger, weren't thar bein' more pirates at the last 'fest?"
"Aye, that there was Cap'n Jamie! But we sent all them lubbers to Cap'n D's and not be see'n 'em since."
Rippin' open packs for the Naruto Curse of Sand release event tournament. Naruto Curse of Sand winners. Nick Rathjen on left (2nd place), and William Ray Jr. (1st place).

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