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UFS Assets of Power at Blackthorn Game Center
November 21, 2007
Blackthorn Game Center was fortunate to be chosen to host a Sabertooth Games UFS Assests of Power tournament. The world famous Sabertooth "Wrecking Crew" were on hand at the event, as were many competitors. Everyone that attended was friendly, courteous, and a pleasure to have at the tourney. We thank everyone for making it such a fun event.

The final standings in the event:
  1. Brandon Henley
  2. Timothy White
  3. Jake Hurdle
  4. Zachary Rowe
  5. Tiffany West
  6. Scott Gaines
  7. Elizabeth Cleversy
  8. James Siegfried
For a more in-depth review of the event, please follow this link to view the report Brandon posted on the UFS forum.

Justin Wilkinson (r) presents the AoP champion, Brandon Henley (l) with his "Assets" play set, uncut card sheet, and Champion trophy.

The Sabertooth Wrecking Crew. Dave "The Fracturer" Freeman (Left), Skullbustin' Justin Wilkinson (second from left), Gary "The Demolisher" Dubell (front), George "The Hammer" Hancock (second from right), and Jonathan "The Lacerater" Ledezma (right).

Random pictures of the event:
The BAWLSman was on hand to play a few rounds of UFS. "Play UFS...Drink BAWLS!"

Check out this promo about the Blackthorn Assets of Power event on the UFS/Sabertooth website.

Visit the original webpage for the AoP event. This page includes a larger shot of the Assets of Power Champion trophy.

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