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Magic: The Gathering Alara Reborn Launch
May 02, 2009

Steven Biese (left), Zack Forster (second from left),
Kanon Hinson (second from right), and Gage Smith (right)
The final four from the event:
  • 1st place: Zach Forster
  • 2nd place: Steven Biese
  • 3rd place: Kanon Hinson
  • 4th place: Gage Smith

Magic: The Gathering Alara Reborn Prerelease
April 25, 2009

Thanks to all the players that attended the Blackthorn Game Center Prerelease for Alara Reborn. We had a nice level of attendance, all ran smoothly, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Thank you for choosing BGC for the prerelease.
The top two: Kanon Hinson (left), placed second. Gage Smith (right) took first.

Matthew Romine achieves Wings Of War Aceness

March 07, 2009

A hearty "oi" to Sir Matthew Reginald Simmons-Simmons Cowperthwaite Fairfield Burney-Smythe Woodington Romine. Sir Matthew, while a noted flyer in the bloody skies of Crimson Skies, has had a long and arduous path to achieving the coveted Ace status in Wings of War.

Well, that changed today! Matthew has flown to Aceness greatness!

Matt Romine (left) awards Matt Romine (right) his medallion. Matt is the official Medallion awarder at Blackthorn and he didn't want to miss awarding Matt his Ace.

Gobblet Tournament

February 28, 2009

Due to a telephone pole being knocked down somewhere in town, electric games came to an abrubt halt. Thankfully, the guys still know how to play cool non-electric games.
One of these games is the popular Gobblet.
It was decided that we should run a tournament.
Elijah Longwell (left) and Matt Romine's Hat face off during one of the rounds.
Matt (under hat), waits while Hat decides to make its move.
The winners were Joseph Wells, third place (in back), Toni Moss, second place (left), and Matt Romine's Hat (on Matt's head).
Hat won a tasty roll of Mentos but let Matt have them. Hat said "I've no use for them...I haven't a mouth"

Gobblet Jr. Rocks Blackthorn

February 21, 2009

Dean Avery and Joseph Wells get into an intense game of Gobblet. Gobblet plays just like Tic-Tac-Toe except that you can gobble up your opponent's game pieces and move your pieces around the board. Be the first to line up three pieces in a row, and win.
Things got intense and tempers flared..."curse you dreaded evil woody things!"

Don't know who won, but more games will be played in the days to come.

Alex Kopischke Achives 20 "Kills" in Wings Of War

February 15, 2009

Yes, my fellow knights of the sky, the good Lord Alex Kingsford Simpson Tymesmythe Jefferey Johnson Kopischke has achived what most mortals can only dream. He has received his Wings Of War "20 Kills" medallion. Good show old chap.

Alex Kopischke (right) displays his plane that did all the successful shooting. This tiny plane is flown by an amazing, trained, miniaturized monkey. Matt Romine (left) is the owner of Monkey Business, the company that trains the amazing, miniaturized monkeys.
Matt presents Alex with his medallion and hopes that he will purchase many more amazing, miniaturized flying monkeys.

Magic: Booster Draft

February 15, 2009

First place Kanon Hinson (left), second place Steven Biese (right) Crazy Hippy! I will defeat you with my mystical, spectral, hypnotic powers!

Magic: Conflux Launch

February 7, 2009

Magic: Conflux Prerelease

January 31, 2009

Cheesy Goodness in the Game Center

Early January, 2009! John Campbell (left), Elijah Longwell (second from left), Jeffrey Burgess (second from right), and Marc Romine take a break after disassembling display racks in the store.

Dean Avery awarded Wings of War "Ace"

Early January, 2009

Dean Avery has been awarded his "Ace" medallion for successfully achieving five "kills" in the Wings of War Boardgame.

Dean proudly displays his plane with which he ruthlessly, and mercilessly shot down his unsuspecting fellow gamers' planes. Good clean fun!.

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